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Reality Beauty Show Watchers More Likely to Use Tanning Beds
at the cost of risking their health. The research has established that people who tune in to reality beauty shows on television are much more likely to use tanning lamps and to tan outdoors than people who do not watch such shows, Medical Xpress reports.
Tanning Beds & Equipment
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FDA mulls teen tanning bed ban
The WHO analysis showed that the deadliest form of skin cancer increases 75 percent in people who use tanning beds ... the health overhaul plan that became law earlier this week. The Indoor Tanning Association says the evidence linking suntan lamps to ...
Use of tanning beds poses cancer risk to young white women reports CDC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that exposure to ultraviolet radiation from indoor tanning devices (tanning beds, booths, and sun lamps) or from the sun ... to indoor tanning as a public health problem, CDC scientists published ...
WHO: Tanning Beds Cause Cancer
July 28, 2009 - A leading global cancer research group is declaring tanning bed use a significant cancer hazard. The World Health Organization’s International ... Prior to the move, the group had classified sun lamp and tanning bed use ...
How to have ‘the talk’ with your teen – about tanning beds and body image
High school is rife with concerns around body image, especially among teen girls. Makeup, the right clothes, and trendy accessories all play a role in how adolescent girls begin to shape their self image and the body that they present to the world.